Stunningly beautiful aromatics of tart cherry and fraises du bois. This wine is deceptive on first taste, seemingly light-bodied yet emboldened with incredible depth and length wrapped around a rich mid-palate. Lush red fruits (cranberry, raspberry, cherry) baking spice, orange zest and tea. Elegant with bright, mouth watering acidity and supple tannin, this wine screams for company and a great meal.

If you’ve ever eaten a rich, fatty dish, you know how hard it is to keep going unless you have something bright to cut through the fat to refresh your palate. It could be pickles on a juicy hamburger or tartly dressed frisee accompanying duck confit. Most of the time, especially in Europe, a vibrant glass of wine with fresh, mouth-watering acidity does the trick. That’s what makes RSV’s 2013 Los Carneros Pinot Noir - with its bright, fresh acidity - pair so well with lush, rich pork rillette.

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