Rich yet bright, this wine has an out of this (New) world character of plum, blackberry and cassis with a complex undercurrent of bay leaf, bramble and dark bitter sweet chocolate. This vintage of Marcien is a graceful, age-worthy wine.

These Herbed Chicken Meatballs are simple and delicious and serve as the perfect foil to the subtly complex Marcien.

There are two things in the culinary world that are almost as satisfying as sex: truffles and perfectly aged Burgundy, um... I mean, Pinot Noir. But sometimes it’s difficult to know the real thing when chatter, created by our virtual, over-amped, “turn-it-up-to-11” conditioned society, obscures it.

The 2011 Los Carneros Pinot Noir possesses a quiet exuberance - so beautifully balanced, it aches to go with food.

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